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Instructional Vision

BASE’s Instructional Vision

BASE classrooms are joyful, equitable, anti-racist, strengths-based learning communities. These communities challenge students to take a high level of responsibility for their learning, including understanding their challenges and strengths. 

BASE classroom communities challenge students to engage in high-level academic discourse and problem solving so that they can read, write, listen, and speak with expertise across disciplines, and thrive in complex times. Courses, units, and tasks are built around learning targets and challenge students to meet those learning targets using their strengths, including their community cultural wealth. Curricula explicitly address the ways in which academic disciplines can create positive change, and they call on students to challenge the ways in which disciplines contribute to inequity. 

Across all disciplines, we do this by:

  • Identifying and making transparent to students and families key learning targets for each class and discipline;
  • Building units and feedback to students around these learning targets;
  • Providing consistent, high quality feedback on students’ growth on these learning targets;
  • Ensuring discussion is a central tool of exploration of ideas and problem solving in every class;
  • Teaching students explicitly how to engage in discussions, including both development of their own ideas and the ability to listen and integrate the ideas of others.