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BASE Magazine Club

Come create and collaborate with your fellow designers, artists, writers, photographers, critics, and investigators! You will be envisioning and setting the groundwork for a BASE-wide magazine publication. The idea is that we will work together--and give you space for individual composition time if that is what you enjoy--to compose a BASE-wide magazine. This magazine can showcase all of our gorgeous artwork (photography, sketches, drawings, collage, paintings, etc.), designs (game pitches, software design, fashion, storyboards, etc.) , writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics, drama, comedy, etc.), and journalism (photojournalism, interviews, TV/game/food reviews, politics, etc.). And that's the tip of the iceberg. We will spend time together choosing the forms of expression/information that we most desire to showcase in this magazine. Maria will collaboratively facilitate the visual component, and Zeli will collaboratively facilitate the language-based component. We look forward to getting started with you!
Club Host: Zeli and Maria
Club Schedule: Fridays at 2:45PM
Room: 404