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Alumni/Staff directory

Here at BASE, we re-welcome alumni back into our school so they can reconnect with Teachers, and other Alumni. We have an easy navigation system that allows you to sign up to be registered as an Alumni!
Q: Do I have to fill out all fields?
No, you do not have too if you do not wish to. People are only required to fill out fields that have a * next to them
Q: Will my email be spammed? / Will all information I fill out be public?
No, you will not be spammed. Most Informations like your phone number and email will not be publicly shared. Information in most fields will only be visible to admins of the website to protect user privacy.
Q: If thats the case, how will alumni contact each other?
If you wish to be contacted by other alumni, you can tick the checkbox that allows others to do so. Your email will still not be public, emails others wish to send to you will be filtered through the website, as for emailing staff also.