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NYCDOE Process

Translated from the official NYCDOE website
How do I apply to BASE?
Students currently residing in New York City and attending Grade 8 or Grade 9 for the first time can submit an application BASE. Applications typically open in October and remain open until early December.
We have both fall and spring open houses, and we're always excited to host prospective students and families.
If you're interested please email us at [email protected]

Submitting an Application

When applications are available, an application can be submitted any of the following ways:

Applications are not first come-first served. All applications submitted will be reviewed after the deadline to apply.

Before starting an application, please review the High School Directory to learn about programs available. Information that can be found in the directory includes:

Applying to BASE in MySchools
Families can submit their child's application online in MySchools. Prior to the application opening, it is recommended that parents do the following:
 - Create your own MySchools account.
 - Add your child to the account
- Review the MySchools Directory to locate programs of interest and determine the order you want to rank these programs.
 - Please be advised that only a child's legal parent or guardian is able to submit an application for high school. Your child can only be linked to one MySchools account. If your child is on a different account, please contact your child's school for help.

How to submit your high school application online

  1. Visit MySchools.

  2. On the Dashboard, click Get Started next to High School.

    If you have previously started the application, this will say Continue.

  3. On the Welcome to High School Admissions page, please review your child's information.

    • If the information is correct, click Next.
    • If information is incorrect, please contact your child's school.

  4. Review the information on the Welcome To High School Admissions page and then click Get Started.

  5. Here are some tips for finding the best programs to be on your child's high school application.


    • Use filters to better search for schools they may be interested in. To view all schools, all filters must be reset and the search bar must be empty. Hit the magnifying glass to reset the search to show all schools.
    • Filters available include schools near subway line stops, PSAL sports, eligibility, guaranteed admission, borough, building accessibility, admission method, and uniform policy.
    • School names or student interests can be typed in the search to locate schools. If a school does not appear, typing the name of the school will be the most effective way to locate the program.
    • Clicking the name of the school will provide specific details about the school, including their contact information, address, transportation options, and hours.
    • Clicking the star will save the program and will appear later when ranking choices.
    • Hovering over the information icon will show the student's priority to attend and the number of applicants per seat on last year's application.
    • Schools may show that you child is not eligible for the program. If this is an error, contact your guidance counselor for more information.
    • Sometimes a school will not appear in the search due to ineligibility. Please search for the school in the High School Directory to review the eligibility for the program. The school may not display if your child is ineligible to attend any program in the school. If your child should be eligible, please email [email protected].
    • A direct link to the High School directory is at the bottom of the application page.

  6. Click the Apply tab to begin listing schools on the application.

  7. Please review the following information on how to complete your application:

    • From the list of starred programs, click the Add button to place the school on the application.
    • If you would like to add a program that was not saved, click the Search for a program option at the bottom of the application to find additional programs.
    • Any program that was saved but your child is not eligible, the program cannot be added to the application.
    • Your application can have up to 12 programs.
    • The application can be reordered by dragging a selected program up or down the list.

  8. Once your preferred order of programs is listed, click Next.

  9. Please review all alerts at the top of the page before proceeding. Once reviewed, click Let's Continue.

  10. If you are applying for twin/multiple students, please make sure the twin/multiple is added to your account. You will have the option to submit identical applications for twins/multiples. They will be considered for the same programs and receive the same offers.

  11. After reviewing the programs, and affirming all statements at the bottom of the page, click Submit.