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Internships in a CTE School

BASE is a Career Technical Education (CTE) school. BASE is mandated to prepare students for Careers as well as College. To do this we offer Work Based Learning (WBL) throughout the 4 years at BASE and across subjects.

Work-Based Learning (WBL) provides students the opportunity to learn technical, academic and employability skills. It creates relationships between employers and schools to provide structured learning experiences for students. 

The main goal of WBL is to help students develop skills for employment and education after high school. It focuses on helping students to develop transferable skills for postsecondary education and the workplace.

Internships provide an opportunity for BASE students to learn as they earn and is a great WBL activity.
To secure an internship, a student should have a complete working paper form handed in and should receive a working card according to their age range. You can visit the main office or use the digital copy to print your own at home. You will need a digital copy of i-9 form filled out for your verification interview after receiving your working papers.All digital forms are accessible down below, download the pdf forms for both and fill it out as explained.
Step 1. Working Papers
Step 2. Document Collection
Step 4. Verification Interview
Step 5. Internship selection
BASE has many partners in NYC where students can connect and experience work life in a carefully managed way. Typically, students earn $15 per hour and choose an industry, civic organization or a non-profit to work with.
There are many sources of funding and they all require specific paperwork and applications.
The main process begins with WORKING PAPERS. Apply for these via the MAIN OFFICE.
The CareerPathways Internships (CTE or SIF) are the main fund for INTERNSHIPS.  
This must be completed via the page
After you have Working Papers, completed the CTE Profile and Application

Schedule a Virtual Verification Session

  • Students can schedule their own individual verification appointments if they miss a blitz or mass verification in their school 
  • Students may sign up for a single slot using any of the Calendly links below depending on their availability.